Night by Blair Hughes-stanton exhibiting artist  at North House Gallery Manningtree, Essex


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Blair Hughes-Stanton




Peasant Family and Babe - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONItalian Washhouse - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONConscience Our Guide - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONThe Vortex - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONThe Maze - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONEmanicpation of Woman - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONSusannah from The Apochrypha - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONBirds from Birds Beasts and Flowers - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONLucifer Mephistopheles Beelzebub - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONComus from Comus - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONFond Parents from Erewhon - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONThe Bride Revelation - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONGentian From The Ship of Death - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONConsummation from Epithalamion - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONPeace from The Confession - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONThe Mother from The Lamentations of Jeremiah - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONVenus - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONConversation - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONNight - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTONFrontispiece - BLAIR HUGHES-STANTON

Exhibition dates

27 January - 3 March 2018
Open on Saturdays, 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment.


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