JONATHAN CLARKE New Sculpture and Reliefs art exhibition  at North House Gallery Manningtree, Essex


New Sculpture and Reliefs

North House Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition of new sculpture by Jonathan Clarke.

Jonathan Clarke (born 1961, Bury St Edmunds) was apprenticed in the studio of his father, the Royal Academician Geoffrey Clarke, from the age of 16 and started exhibiting in 1981. He works primarily in sand cast aluminium, making the initial model out of polystyrene, a process developed by his father. The resultant casts are unique.

Since his last exhibition at North House Gallery in 2012 he has fulfilled several large commissions and in his personal work experimented with gilding at one end of the scale and casting in iron at the other.

The outstanding piece of gilt aluminium is called The Set. While referencing contemporary LA gang culture - a set is a sub-division of a gang - the piece comments more generally on the plundering of wealth through the ages. Ironically, at the same time the gold leaf enhances the perceived and actual value of the work itself.

The two other gilt pieces appear more straightforward in execution and intent - Sol Tilbeder means Sun Worshipper in Norwegian - but again they refer to the long history of sun worship - the shapes are reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian boats, but could just as easily suggest a modern sunbather - while the golden objects themselves simultaneously represent the sun itself.

New work in aluminium includes two other groups of three small figures, Architect and Genus; an elegant tall standing abstract figure called Confidante, and an equally elegant series of blackened aluminium pieces is called A Life Assured. Iron is the chosen material for the development of work inspired by coastal fortifications called Sconce.

A full e-catalogue with prices can be sent on request.

Exhibition dates

Open on Saturdays, 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment.

These images are a selection of the works available at the Gallery
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