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At North House Gallery there are frequent and varied exhibitions of paintings, drawings, sculpture, original prints and books by modern and contemporary artists of East Anglian, national and international fame.

North House Gallery was established in 1999 by Penelope Hughes-Stanton in the former studio of her father, the painter and wood-engraver Blair Hughes-Stanton. Exhibitions extend through the ground floor of the simple Georgian house overlooking the estuary of the River Stour at Manningtree in Essex, and into the letterpress workshop which houses several generations of printing presses, type cabinets and other, now historic, equipment.

The gallery is open on Saturdays but please feel free to ring for an appointment at any other time. If you would like to join the mailing list, please email via the contact page, where you will also find all other visitor information.


 11 May - 29 June 2019

NORTH HOUSE GALLERY - Esmond Bingham, Fount - NORTH HOUSE GALLERY - Kate Boxer, Dancing Cowboys - NORTH HOUSE GALLERY - John Christie, New Constellation - NORTH HOUSE GALLERY - John Cobb, Rubbery Place I -


 6 April - 4 May 2019

HELENGAI HARBOTTLE - Dark House - Helengai HarbottleHELENGAI HARBOTTLE - Small Pink House - Helengai HarbottleHELENGAI HARBOTTLE - Pears - Helengai HarbottleHELENGAI HARBOTTLE - Jugs - Helengai Harbottle


 2 March - 30 March 2019

ESMOND BINGHAM - On the up 2013 - Esmond BinghamESMOND BINGHAM - On the up - detail - Esmond BinghamESMOND BINGHAM - Whisper Gauge 2017 - Esmond BinghamESMOND BINGHAM - Fount 2017 - Esmond Bingham


 1 December - 23 February 2019

NORMAN ACKROYD - Soay Sound - Norman AckroydNORMAN ACKROYD - Isle of Pabbay - Norman AckroydNORMAN ACKROYD - Broadhaven - Norman AckroydNORMAN ACKROYD - Connemara - Norman Ackroyd


 20 October - 24 November 2018

JASON HICKLIN: OCEAN - Atlantic I - Jason HicklinJASON HICKLIN: OCEAN - Atlantic II - Jason HicklinJASON HICKLIN: OCEAN - Atlantic III - Jason HicklinJASON HICKLIN: OCEAN - Atlantic IV - Jason Hicklin
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